Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Skyrim, hour 14

Delphine, slow down! We gotta look for potatoes.

Skyrim, hour 8

Set the Sabre Tooth Cat free in Lost Knife Hideout. It tried to kill me. Escaped due a pathing bug. Vegan ingenuity!

Skyrim, hour 6

Look, Honeycomb is an Ingredient, not a Food. You have to taste it to figure out its properties!

Skyrim, hour 5

Bone Meal; vegan if it's human bone, and the undead corpse that had it was attacking you? Fair game, I say.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Skyrim, hour 4

Iron and Steel over Hide, any day!

Skyrim, hour 3

Options -> Settings -> Display -> Grass Fade, turn it all the way up for the best experience.

Skyrim, hour 2

Cracked Tusk Keep has plenty of carrots, potatoes, and a few grilled leeks. The Alto Wine is vegan (I checked with the distributor) and there are a few bottles on the top level. It's okay to kill orcs if they attack you first!